Parental surveys by Pyper York

  • Ideal for schools' self-evaluation
  • Use a survey to direct and evaluate the effectiveness of your School Improvement Plan
  • Engage your parents
  • Reveal detailed results for the Ofsted Parent View questions

Quick turnaround

Speedy turnaround

  • Commission and launch the survey within 24 hours
  • Leave the survey open for seven days
  • Get your results within 24 hours of the survey closing




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So I've got the results... what do I do now?

Once your parents' survey has been completed and we've sent you the results, it is time for you to decide what to do next.

Read on to see how communications expert, Jay Commins, suggests you should react to the parental feedback:

You’ve got your survey results in your hand – you might be happy, you might be disappointed or it might be pretty much as you’d expect, but having canvassed parental opinion, the most important concern now is how you follow it up.

Start as you mean to carry on
Say ‘thank you’ to all the parents who have taken the time to complete the survey, even if the results made depressing reading! Explain that the feedback has been very informative and helpful to help the school plan for the future, and reassure parents that you will let them know what you are doing to address any concerns they have raised. A letter sent out promptly to all parents reminds them that you value their feedback.

Break the results down
Look at what parents think you are doing well and share those results with your team. A pat on the back for work done well never does any harm for team morale. You can also highlight to parents what they see as your school’s strengths, and re-iterate to them that you will continue to focus on them. Areas where parents are dissatisfied can also be broken down further:
· Areas where you already knew the school needs to improve and have already taken steps (maybe behind the scenes) to address
· Areas where parents are not aware of improvements you have already made, in which case communicate this to them in a friendly, informative way.

For issues you are yet to address, identify which can be easily remedied – basic maintenance to the building, homework, etc. – and which are longer term projects to resolve. Even if you don’t have the answer to the problem yet, telling parents that you acknowledge that it is something you are looking into should go some way to reassure them.

Remember: good communication is at the heart of great school-parent relations.


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