Parental surveys by Pyper York

  • Ideal for schools' self-evaluation
  • Use a survey to direct and evaluate the effectiveness of your School Improvement Plan
  • Engage your parents
  • Reveal detailed results for the Ofsted Parent View questions

Quick turnaround

Speedy turnaround

  • Commission and launch the survey within 24 hours
  • Leave the survey open for seven days
  • Get your results within 24 hours of the survey closing

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Fixed price online parental surveys - just £180 + VAT

School surveysFind out what parents of pupils at your school really think with a fixed price school survey.

For every school, understanding what parents think is crucial, whether you are gathering statistics for self evaluation, writing a school improvement plan or looking towards your next Ofsted inspection.

Pyper Parental surveys are a quick, easy way to help you gather a large amount of information on parental perceptions to help you make informed decisions, with the minimum of fuss, hassle and paperwork, no matter whether you are a village school of 75 pupils or a city Academy with 1,500 students.

For just £180 + VAT you will get:

  • An online survey with a choice of over 50 questions, including those asked by Ofsted, Estyn and Scottish Education, for parents to complete

  • Identify respondents' pupils by class, year group or key stage

  • All results detailed in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format with an accompanying report that can be circulated to staff and governors

  • Multi-lingual versions available at no extra cost (English/Welsh and English/Polish/Punjabi/Bengali/Urdu now available) **NEW** Gujarati now also available

Want to see a sample questionnaire?  For English/Welsh, click here.  For multilingual, click here.

“The survey closed at 12 noon and by 1pm that same day I had received the outcomes which was excellent! The analysis of the results was extremely useful as it broke down each question within each class. It showed quite clearly the strengths and weaknesses in each area. The time saved has been considerable due to the ease with which the survey was carried out and  analysed. Thank you very much for all your hard work; it has been a very useful exercise.”

Suzanne Hay, Head Teacher, Cliffe VC Primary School

“I have been looking at the survey results and they have given us a lot of information. Your quick analysis saved me hours of time and highlighted some areas to work on.”

Andrew Russell, Head Teacher, North Duffield Community Primary School



Want exta-quick results?  Set up a Pyper Parental Survey on laptops at Parent/Teacher conferences - takes five minutes for parents to complete whilst they are waiting for their appointment, and you can have the results the following morning!